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A World Record Holder for being the "Youngest Female Author to have Donated all the Royalties for Women Upliftment", Samridhhi once had also served as the First Female Chartered Accountant Student to take up the chair of Secretary at Ahmedabad CA Students’ Association, an association which caters to the needs of more than 30,000 CA students across Ahmedabad and it’s adjoining towns and villages.
Apart from this, Samridhhi is a National Speaker on topics related to Finance, Economics, Management and Taxes and has been on tour across India for the same, and has delivered lectures to more than 13,000 CA students. Also a freelance Motivational Speaker and has trained Chartered Accountants on Emotional Quotient through her unique EQ Management Tests.
Personally, she believes in changing the world through her writing slangs. She can talk on anything, provided how stupid a topic may be. But she has that fond of interacting with people. Highly stubborn yet straight forward with her actions and words. Be a critic, she would take you as a friend. Visit her home to get lost in her house full of flowers with annoying birds and stupid butterflies. A Bullet lover and an Activa owner, also sometimes she rents her dad’s car for free. But, stop her, fine her and report her if she is found on her Activa, for she has already dislocated her left shoulder. She is Humorous and Fun Loving.


Her books - "Unobliterated: Unspoken Emotions" also bagged her "Best Books to Read this 2019" title by De Mode Magazine May June 2019 Global Issue and Top 100 Debut Author by Criticspace Literary Journal.

Her second book, "Loved, Lost, Lived" is available in the USA, the UK, Denmark, Japan and Italy only. This book was then taken over by NotionPress Publishers by the name "The Divine Power of Love" for Indian markets.

Her fourth book, "Inqueerable" is scheduled to be published by February 2020 on Valentine's Day (tentatively).

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