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My Perfect Mistakes

This is an open letter to my parents!

Dear Mamy Papa,

I will make some mistakes and I am ready to pay for its price. Sometimes they may cost me a life to make up for those mistakes. But that's not what scares me, I am fine with doing mistakes as long as they are worth doing as I age. I call them 'Perfect Mistakes'.

What really worries is my that one mistake, the imperfect one. I shall never be able to pay its price and that shall never benefit you in any way. We may be left doubting ourselves throughout our entire life, trying to figure out if my such a behaviour was worth doing. And I am sure, you both will always wish I never did it. You would want me to go back in past and change it, but all of us will be left helpless.

But maybe someday, I make you proud of someother things and you forget all my mistakes or maybe, we all shall be just helpless. I know, you shall carry the burden in your heart and same intensity of storm in your head.

But one day, as you will see me grow, you shall be glad that I made mistakes. And that day, I will be free from pain, but I can always feel yours. And that is more painful, I am sure.

Of all everything,there are three things that can never change between us: I will love you, I will love you more, I will love you the most. And your love is just eternal - More Loved than my Love!

I am sorry for all my perfect mistakes, as I know, you have already forgiven me. But I won't be able to regret for my Imperfect Ones, if I ever make!