संवाद: A Dialogue

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Books - the pages, the smell, the words, the information. If you think, you have already romanticized with the same, then my friend - the forum is for you. For centuries, books have been the medium that has connected people, civilizations, communities, and societies in general.

At "Samvaad: A Dialogue", we understand the importance of the same, and to take this legacy of reading books forward, we are coming up with daily one hour of Non-fictional read. The aim is to read 10 books a year. The reading session shall be of 40-minutes followed by 20-minutes of discussion.

The lineup for the year 2021 is as follows:

1. Backstage by Montek Singh Ahluwalia (the then Finance and Commerce Secretary of India, former Chairman of Planning Commission).

He shall be joining virtually as Chief Guest to inaugurate the Club.

2. Global Tilt by Ram Charan (Business Consultant, former Professor at Harvard University)

3. World is Flat by Thomas Friedman (American Political Commentator)

4. The Man who Saved India by Hindol Sengupta (Indian historian and journalist at Aspen Italia)

5. The Economists' Hour by Benyamin Appelbaum (Economist and New York Times editorial board)

6. Prisoner's of Geography by Tim Marshall (British journalist specializing in foreign affairs and international relations)

7. The Economics of Religion in India by Sriya Iyer (Lecturer at University of Cambridge) *Expected to join virtually


8. The Black Swan by Nassim Taleb (Statistician, Options trader, and Risk Analyst)


9. Public policy and Politics in India by Kuldeep Mathur (Professor JNU) *Expected to join virtually


10. Ten Rules of Successful Nations by Ruchir Sharma (Chief global strategist at Morgan Stanley Investment Management) *Expected to join virtually

The club shall meet every Monday to Friday at 5-6 pm Indian Standard Time, with no community meetings on Saturday and Sunday.

Pre-requisites: Passion/willingness to read books, subscription through the form attached, notebook, pen, and coffee. The members are not required to buy the book, the convener shall be reading out loud. Looking forward to meeting you.


P.S.: If you are an Institution and would like to partner with us, we are open to "Program Partners".

As Program Partners - your institution is required to get a minimum of five subscriptions. Benefits shall include the display of your institution logo and name of your institution as Program Partner, in all our programs and social media handles.

Membership Subscription*
*(this is free of cost.)

So finally, we are discussing our ideas!