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Samridhhi Mandawat

A World Record holder for being the "Youngest Female Author to have Donated all the Royalties for Women Upliftment", Samridhhi is nominated for the prestigious Padma Shri Awards, the fourth highest civilian award in the Republic of India by the Indian Government for Republic Day 2021.

She also served as the first female CA student to take up the chair of Secretary at Ahmedabad CA Students’ Association, an association that caters to the needs of more than 30,000 CA students across Ahmedabad and its adjoining towns and villages.

Apart from this, Samridhhi is a national speaker on topics related to Finance, Economics, Management, and Taxes and has delivered lectures to more than 13,000 CA students, across India. She writes Op-Ed columns for The Policy Times, every month. She performs evening poetry recitals "Para'dise" across India, and is a regular speaker at Ahmedabad International Literature Festival, Gujarat Literature Festival, Jaipur BookMark, and various others. Listen to her podcast "Satyakala" on Spotify and Google Podcast.

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Her Books

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"Unobliterated: Unspoken Emotions" bagged her "Best Books to Read this 2019" title by De Mode Magazine May-June 2019 Global Issue and "Top 100 Debut Author" by Criticspace Literary Journal and "Best 100 Authors" by Author Pages Magazine.

"Parables and Secrets!", was again written during the lockdown and was published by NotionPress and is Available on Amazon Prime. The book also secured #55 Rank in "Indie Author Championship" pan India and was doing Amazon Bestseller at #126 around the globe under Children's Category.

Her monograph, "eCONomics: An Outsider Looking In" is bestselling under Behavioural Economics essays and is ranked at #5 across the globe on Amazon Bestsellers List, and was inaugurated by Dr. Ram Charan, professor Harvard Business School.

"Loved, Lost, Lived" is available in the USA, the UK, Denmark, Espanola, Netherlands, Canada, Japan, and Italy only. This book was then taken over by Notion Press Publishers by the name "The Divine Power of Love" for Indian markets.

"It's Not All Roses" is available on Kindle which was written and released during lockdown 2020.

"Inqueerable" pays tribute to His Highness Prince Manvendra Gohil Ji of Rajpipla, Gujarat - the first gay prince of India.

She has co-authored two books - "1000 Women" and "Whisper of Hearts - 1". 

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